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Hoop Dreamer Boudoir! - Gloss Boudoir Studio

Hoop Dreamer Boudoir! - Gloss Boudoir Studio
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Hoop Dreamer Boudoir! - Gloss Boudoir Studio

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The stunning Gloss Girl J is undeniably beautiful and we’re LOVING the fact that she brought in her favourite prop… her hula hoop! Here’s what she had to say about her session with Gloss:

“Rarely in my life do I ever feel sexy; I’ve always been seen as “cute” instead. Now that I am turning 30 soon, I wanted to celebrate the person I have become and show myself that I can be sexy as well. A boudoir session seemed perfect for that!

Gloss seems really accessible and approachable for someone like me who has never had much experience being professionally photographed or doing boudoir. I have seen women featured on Gloss’s social media looking like goddesses and I wanted to try for myself. I was excited on the days leading up to the shoot. It was fun shopping around for lingerie and putting outfits together. When the day finally came, I felt a bit frazzled and nervous before going into the shoot.

The entire experience that day made me feel very glamorous and beautiful. I think that feeling is the best memory I have taken away from my photo shoot day. I loved Marcee’s energy and personality! I never had anyone so excited about my butt before! LOL! Also getting pampered by getting my hair and makeup done was fun. 

I felt sexy and beautiful! Mission accomplished :)” ~Gloss Girl J




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